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Financial support allows ICP to offer scholarship opportunities for future contemporary psychoanalysts. Practitioners cannot help but personally grow through the training process, along with developing a broader understanding of the human mind and psyche. As the ICP community grows, so does the conversation and progression of psychoanalytic thought; your financial contributions aid in this expansion. As the ICP contemporary psychoanalysis community thrives, our members and candidates make advancements in contemporary psychoanalytical thought and theory.

Your contributions also help ICP develop in innovative ways so that contemporary analysts have up-to-date methods to treat emotional discomfort and pain creating avenues for self-discovery and transformation.

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the privilege of a diverse institute

Scholarship Recipient: Veronica Abney

Veronica was drawn to ICP because it was contemporary in it’s approach to psychoanalysis.  “Having initially trained as a clinical social worker, I had studied psychoanalytic psychotherapy from an ego psychological approach,” said Veronica. “I knew I needed the training but had been reluctant before ICP opened. My own psychoanalysis was a motivating factor and allowed me to see that the contemporary theories made for a different experience.“

“Having the scholarships affords ICP the privilege of having a more diverse institute… In addition to helping to diversify the institute, scholarships make training more available to people of color.”

Veronica received a scholarship for tuition at ICP, which encouraged her to take to take the financial risk of training. She found that ICP provides a level of academic freedom not before available in psychoanalytic institutes.

“Getting this training has made a huge difference in my career. I am a more qualified and confident clinician.” 

Veronica is currently a training analyst at ICP. In the past, she has taught classes on trauma and diversity, power, and privilege. She has also served on the Board of Directors for several years and as President of the ICP.

ICPLA General Fund

ICP is a non-profit institute that historically has devoted its financial and human resources toward educating candidates and preserving the culture of learning and professional growth. To remain a vibrant center of psychoanalytic education and programming, ICP needs funding for progressive office advancements, association affiliations and service offerings.

Kaneeza Lafir Scholarship Fund

ICP degree candidates face formidable financial challenges including tuition charges, the costs of personal analysis, and supervision fees. Additionally, the institute trains distance candidates enrolled in the weekend training program who must pay for airfare, hotels and other expenses. The ICP Scholarship and Loans candidate assistance program, funded entirely through private contributions, helps defray the costs of these challenges.

ICPLA BIPOC Scholarship Fund

Historically underrepresented in the psychoanalytic community, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color experience more of a financial hardship when undertaking psychoanalytic training. Through the BIPOC Scholarship fund, ICP is committed to making psychoanalysis more accessible to those who identify as BIPOC.

ICP Member and Candidate Services Fund

ICP has a new database that will change the way students interface with the school, increase office efficiency and make is easier for committees to operate and the Board of Directors to govern. The next stage of development includes managing CE’s in-house, producing reports, and automating many other tasks. Continuing database development is of paramount importance in fulfilling ICP’s mission of providing the most technologically cutting edge education.

LGBTQ+ Essay Award

LGBTQ+ represents Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and the countless affirmative ways in which people choose to self-identify. ICP invites candidates and members to contribute essays related to their individual responses to the concept of diversity in sexuality and identification; including the complex impact of invisibility and visibility. Given yearly, the essay award for the best paper submitted (up to 1000 words).
The current prize is $500.00.

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Donations can also be made by mailing checks directly to the ICP accountant’s office at the address listed below:

Suresh Jain
Magnopere Inc.
6501 Sale Avenue
West Hills, CA 91307
Please make checks payable to ICP and be sure to specify the name of the fund in the memo of the check.