About ICP


ICP has evolved significantly beyond the original vision of the twelve founding members. The Institute has grown to over 150 active members, over 100 candidates enrolled in the 4-yr academic training program, and over 50 domestic and international corresponding members whose scholarship in psychoanalysis is recognized throughout the world. ICP also offers several Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training programs and Extension programs in Los Angeles and at satellite campuses in Pasadena, San Francisco, South Bay (Los Angeles County), Ventura County and San Diego, California. Over 85 students participate annually in these programs.

The hallmark of the Institute’s success has been the ability to consistently draw a large number of qualified candidates eager for training in psychoanalysis. Candidates typically are seasoned therapists, licensed as psychologists, psychiatrists and other physicians, licensed clinical social workers, marriage family and child therapists, or related disciplines such as law, literature and religion. The Institute’s values of pluralism, participatory democracy and academic excellence are realized by granting full voting participation to candidates on all standing committees within the institute. Candidates are represented on the Board of Directors by two voting seats.

In conjunction with the academic programs, ICP offers conferences to the general scientific, professional and general public. Our mission as an institute is to make important educational material available to the larger public who provide professional services to a vast array of patients. Thus, the atmosphere we attempt to provide is one of encouragement not only of new ideas, but of questions in relation to these new ideas, questions that may be posed out of lack of knowledge, or, alternatively, may be posed out of legitimate argument with the ideas proposed. The context in which our conferences are held is one of great respect for the practicing clinician in every field, one that offers strong support for new ideas as well as appreciation for diversity of opinion. These conferences are offered in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pasadena and San Diego.

In addition to the public conferences, the Institute offers an in-house forum to which the entire ICP community, including analytic candidates, psychoanalytic students, and extension division participants, is invited free of charge. At these smaller meetings, topics of particular interest to Members and Candidates in training are presented. This format includes discussion and open questioning of the ideas presented. These meetings are a favorite of the community, offering as they do more ongoing research in a less formal setting.

The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis has applied for Eligibility from the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). WSCUC has reviewed the application and determined that the University is eligible to proceed with an application for Candidacy and Initial Accreditation. A determination of Eligibility is not a formal status with the WASC Senior College and University Commission, nor does it ensure eventual accreditation. It is a preliminary finding that the institution is potentially accreditable and can proceed within five years of its Eligibility determination to be reviewed for Candidacy or Initial Accreditation status with the Commission. Questions about Eligibility may be directed to the institution or to WSCUC at wascsr@wascsenior.org or (510) 748-9001.

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