training and supervising analyst

being a training and supervising analyst is an extraordinary role to have in the analytic training experience of a candidate

To become designated as a Training and Supervising Analyst, the applicant must achieve the following:

  1. Complete five years of postgraduate study group experience, including one year in a Supervision Training Group.
  2. Competence may be demonstrated for becoming a Training & Supervising Analyst by one of two ways:
    1. Achieving Board Certification by the an appropriate professional psychoanalytic affiliated organization (e.g. ABPsa, ABPP, or ABE BCD-P), or
    2. Writing up and presenting an analytic case to a panel of 5 Training & Supervising Analysts arranged by the ICP TSA Committee and discussing your philosophy and approach to supervision.
  3. Applicants for ICP TSA must be graduates either of ICP or of a psychoanalytic program that meets equivalency standards.
If you are already an approved Training & Supervising Analyst from another institute, and your program meets equivalency standards, you will likely qualify to be a TSA at ICP. If you are not an approved TSA from another institute, you can apply to become an ICP TSA, but you will be required to meet equivalency standards for being an ICP Training & Supervising Analyst. The application and instructions for becoming an ICP Training & Supervising Analyst can be found on the ICP website.