the research candidate

for candidate applicants who are not mental health professionals

Research Candidate Criteria for Eligibility:

  1. An applicant for Research training must meet the criteria for eligibility originally established by the APsaA and now accepted by ICP. This means that Research Candidates cannot be mental health professionals, nor can they have been educated in the field of mental health. Rather, they must have been educated in the humanities, broadly speaking, and must have received a doctorate, or, alternatively, the highest terminal degree offered in their field of study. Potential Candidates must have a track record of work that engages and/or applies psychoanalytic theory, or have had some verifiable interest in psychoanalysis, before seeking admission as a Research Candidate. Potential Candidates may have taught psychoanalysis at a school, college, or university. They might have published a psychoanalytically informed paper in an academic journal. They might be strategically placed to carry psychoanalytic influence into their working environment in which they work or teach.
  2. The potential Candidate must meet all other criteria for admission established by ICP for all of its potential Candidates in training for psychoanalysis.
  3. If applicants wish to train as a Clinical Research Analyst, they must apply to be registered with the California Board of Medicine.
  4. If applicants wish to train as Clinical Research Analysts, they will be required to participate in at least a year of supervised work in a clinical setting. This training can begin after the Candidate is accepted and begins matriculation, but it must be completed before the individual can begin a Control Case.
  5. Once Clinical Research Candidates have been accepted, have had the required year of supervised work in a clinical setting, and have been registered with the Medical Board of California, and their performance will be monitored in precisely the same way as any other Candidate in training

The application process for the Research Candidate is the same for Candidates of the 4 year Psychoanalytic Training Program