Reduced Fee Referral Service


ICP offers a Reduced Fee Referral Service for anyone who may be interested in seeking assistance with a qualified and experienced psychoanalyst or possibly from a psychoanalyst in training. Our control case program: each psychoanalyst in training must complete three 18 month control cases, these cases must meet 3 -5 times per week and are supervised by a Training & Supervising Analyst, often these cases can be found at a greatly reduced fee.

If you feel psychotherapy will be helpful, please contact the Committee Chair, Cheryl Chenot, to discuss your specific needs and obtain a referral.

ICP welcomes referrals from psychiatrists, MDs, health professionals and other agencies from industry and education, as well as direct self-referrals. All conversations and referrals are strictly confidential.

For information or a referral contact:

Cheryl Chenot, Psy.D., M.F.T.
Committee Chair

Due to this nature of this service, the Reduced Fee Referral Service does not operate as an on-call emergency or crisis intervention service. All callers will be referred to an ICP psychotherapist and it will be the responsibility of the caller to contact the referral and set-up his or her consultation appointment.

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