March 2014, Philip A. Ringstrom book release:
A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Psychotherapy

A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Psychotherapy presents an original model of couples treatment integrating ideas from a host of authors in relational psychoanalysis. It also includes other psychoanalytic traditions as well as ideas from other social sciences. This book addresses a vacuum in contemporary psychoanalysis devoid of a comprehensively relational way to think about the practice of psychoanalytically oriented couples treatment.

coburnDecember 2013 – William J. Coburn’s book release:
Psychoanalytic Complexity: Clinical Attitudes for Therapeutic Change

“William Coburn’s Psychoanalytic Complexity is a stunning contribution to the development of a new, post-Cartesian conceptual language for psychoanalysis, one that decisively parts company with the doctrine of the isolated, individual mind. Instead, human experience is understood as forever embedded in and constituted by complex intersubjective contexts and systems. The language of complexity theory is rich, evocative, and varied, and to follow Coburn’s ideas is to be opened up to new ways of thinking about all the fundamental issues of psychoanalytic theory and psychotherapy. This work will be indispensable to all students and scholars who are interested in the most creative transformations that are occurring in our field.”
– George Atwood, Professor of Psychology (Emeritus), Rutgers University

Image of BookRoutledge – 2014 George Atwood and Robert D. Stolorow have released the second, updated, and expanded edition of Structures of Subjectivity: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Phenomenology and Contextualism.

In this new edition, Atwood and Stolorow cover the philosophical and theoretical assumptions of psychoanalysis and present a broad approach that they have designated phenomenological contextualism. This approach addresses personal subjective worlds in all their richness and idiosyncrasy and focuses on their relational contexts of origin and therapeutic transformation one of the early books written by Stolorow and Atwood that laid the foundation for what was to become Intersubjective-Systems Theory.


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