PPT Co-Chairs & Facilitator

Dr. Janice Ehrlich earned her MSW in social work from the University of Southern California. She interned at the VA in Brentwood California working inpatient with Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. Upon graduation she worked at the VA for five years working with veterans with PTSD and women with PTSD from sexual trauma. She then worked at Kaiser Permenente as a facilitator for their intensive outpatient program for seven years and another two years in their outpatient program providing group, individual and couples therapy. While at Kaiser she began taking classes at ICP in their PPT program.  She returned for a second, third and fourth year, and realized she wanted to learn more and applied for, and was accepted into the doctoral program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and earned her doctorate in psychoanalysis in 2012. In addition to working at PCH, Dr. Ehrlich maintains a private practice in West Los Angeles. She practices contemporary psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy and works with individuals and couples with mood disorders, PTSD, LBGTQA issues, womens’ issues, mens’ issues, relationship issues, loss, and people going through life transitions.

Dr. Ehrlich said after she received her MSW and became licensed, she was curious about ICP, wondering about contemporary psychoanalysis.  She never planned on getting an advanced degree, but after several years as a student in the PPT program, she wanted to deepen her understanding of contemporary psychoanalysis, and committed to the doctoral program.  Her experience as an analysand proved to be life changing, and allowed her to practice as an analyst, “knowing” it can make a difference in peoples’ lives.  She continues as a member at ICP because it continues to be an enriching, ongoing learning experience, and she gets to “pass it on”, by being a chair of the PPT committee, and also acting as a consultant and teacher in the program.

To contact Dr. Ehrlich email her at janice.s.ehrlich@gmail.com.

Laura Lampert Sanderson, MFT, Psy.D., maintains a private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, treating adult individuals, couples, and families in Encino, Ca.

Upon earning my MFT license in 1985 I was eager to begin shaping the course of my own learning. The field of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  is vast, deep, and perpetually evolving. My interests led me to the world of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and ICP-LA.

I studied in the PPT program for 2 years before entering the Psychoanalytic Training Program. Not wanting to cease my formal learning, upon graduation I volunteered to facilitate the PPT program for 2 more years.

Now co-chairing the PPT Committee, I am fulfilled by giving back to the community that continues to be instrumental to my growth as a psychoanalyst.

To contact Dr. Sanderson email her at llspyd@hotmail.com.

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