Personal Analysis & Supervision


Candidates will engage in a four or five times per week personal analysis concurrent with their training. The training analyst will be an approved member of ICP. We believe that a meaningful training analysis must be a personal analysis separated completely from the evaluation of the candidate’s progress in the Institute program. With this in mind, there will be no reporting on any aspect of the analysis, other than confirmation of the completion of 300 hours of analysis at a frequency of 4 times per week.


Candidates are required to conduct a minimum of three psychoanalyses under supervision, each case typically seen four or five times a week. Supervisors will be selected from among the approved analysts of ICP; supervision will continue weekly for at least the first 18 months on each case, with a minimum 65-70 hours. The appropriateness of a given case for analysis will be determined by the candidate in consultation with the supervisor. Each case must be supervised by a different supervisor to ensure diversity of experience. In keeping with our principle of academic freedom, candidates may change their advisor, training analyst or supervisors at their discretion, without prejudice.

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