At its formation in 1991, ICP embraced the founding members’ philosophy that a vital and inclusive analytic Institute should comprise the tenets of academic freedom, participatory democracy and the diversity of contemporary theory.  ICP strives to maintain these values as we develop not only as a school with walls, but an influence beyond those walls with a local, national and international presence.  We embrace the value of diversity and seek always to enhance it. Academically, we maintain our uniqueness by remaining innovative and continually open to the development and dissemination of contemporary psychoanalytic concepts. The diversity and participation of our members, candidates, students and community is the cornerstone of our Institute and our future.

In sum, ICP endeavors to monitor the ethical, theoretical and evidence based developments in the practice of mental health care delivery both in the United States and internationally for the benefit of our trainees, members and the larger professional community.


ICP is a diverse community comprised of members, candidates, students, corresponding members and staff who partner with local and extended communities to provide cutting edge forums for psychoanalytic education and thinking. ICP members pay dues and candidates and students pay tuition.  ICP is committed to integrating psychoanalytic psychology with other psychological treatments.

We strive to promote an environment of free inquiry, a sense of community, a culture of diversity, inclusion, invitation, dignity and respect for the therapeutic process.

This is accomplished through the academic curriculum which is updated to coincide with trends in the larger psychological science realm.  As well, training methods are individualized to the needs of diverse trainees. In order to remain current, we rely upon emerging technologies.


Short term:

  • Provide forums for intellectual discussion
  • Develop a long distance learning program
  • Increase community outreach to enhance diversity
  • Increase our presence and usefulness to the wider healthcare community
  • Increase member participation through in-house events

Long term:

  • Explore and support avenues for intellectual contributions and research
  • Develop partnerships with universities and other academic organizations
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