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Three ways in which you can help ICP’s growth and development



 1 – ICP Accreditation Fund

The State of California has enacted Bill SB1247 into law, mandating that all freestanding post-secondary institutions (such as ICP) currently approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) to offer degree programs must now have at least one degree program become institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (DOE).  In order to continue awarding PsyD degrees , ICP has been obliged to pursue accreditation through a diversity of approaches over the past four years, all of which exact an enormous price in terms of financial and human resources.

Like all other psychoanalytic institutes that offer PsyDs and PhDs in California, we were obliged to qualify for  accreditation candidacy or pre-accreditation, as defined in regulations, by July 1, 2017.  We must now achieve full accreditation by July 1, 2020.  

As a non-profit institution which has historically devoted all of its financial and human resources towards the education of its candidates and the preservation of a culture of learning and professional growth, ICP has been ill-equipped to meet the costs of accreditation without making serious compromises elsewhere. The ICP Fundraising Committee continues to ask for your support and assistance to raise money to cover the expenses of seeking accreditation, so that we may continue to provide the same level of services to our candidates and members that have made us a vibrant center of psychoanalytic education and programming since 1991.


Thank You for your generosity.




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After selecting your donation amount, please indicate which fund you would like your donation to be directed to by using the drop-down box, your choices are: Accreditation Fund, Scholarship Fund and ICP Member and Candidate Services Fund.


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Donations can also be made by mailing checks directly to the ICP accountant’s office at the address listed below:




Suresh Jain
Magnopere Inc.
6501 Sale Avenue
West Hills, CA 91307
Please make checks payable to ICP, be sure to specify the name of the fund in the memo of the check.




2 – ICP Scholarship Fund

ICP degree candidates face formidable financial challenges — tuition charges, the costs of personal analysis and supervision fees.  Moreover, as the site of the leading American psychoanalytic weekend-training program, the Institute trains distance candidates making at least six annual round-trip journeys from homes as far away as Australia, adding airfares and hotel bills to training expenses.  The ICP Scholarship and Loans candidate assistance program is funded entirely through private contributions The costs to be met are many; the resources available are not plentiful.  Please give generously to allow ICP to spread the work of training contemporary psychoanalysts throughout the world.




3- ICP Member and Candidate Services Fund

Although ICP has made tremendous headway developing our new database, powered by Salesforce, we still need your help. This database will change the way students interface with the school, increase office efficiency and organization, make it easier for committees to operate and the Board of Directors to govern.


All accrediting agencies (WASC, ACPE and BPPE) are requiring us to digitally produce new workflows and track/manage data. We need to move toward the next stages of development where we are able to manage CE’s in-house, produce reports for retention & graduation rates and automate many other tasks. Because our office is small this database is essential to help the office manage an ever increasing workload.

This database is of paramount importance to fulfilling our mission statement. You will directly receive the benefits from the most technologically cutting edge education. Please consider making a donation.




ICP is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit.


Donation letters will be issued upon request.




This campaign has been approved by the ICP Board of Directors.