Extension- Foundation Readings

Session 2: October 21, 2017: Freud and the History of Psychoanalysis
Instructor: Carola Kaplan, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams Chapter II (PDF) and Chapter III (PDF)

Freud: On Beginning the Treatment (PDF)

Freud: Remembering, Repeating and Working Through (PDF)


November 18, 2017

Object Relations

Slochower, J: Holding and the Fate of the Analyst’s Subjectivity (PDF)

WinnicottD. Metapsychological and Clinical Aspects (pp. 16-26) (PDF)

Guntrip H. VII Resistance Schizoid Phenomena Object Relations and the self (PDF)


Session 4: December 16, 2017: Self Psychology
Instructor:  Carol Mayhew PhD


Geist, R.   Empathetic Understanding. (PDF)

Baker, H., Baker M.: Heinz Kohut’s Psychology: An Overview (pp. 1-9) (PDF)

Stolorow, R.   Narcissitic Rage. (PDF)


Session 5: January 20, 2018: Intersubjective Systems Theory
Instructor: Peter Maduro, J.D., Psy.D., Psy.D.


1.) Handout 1

2.) Handout 2

3.) Handout 3

Suggested Reading:

Stolorow, R – Ch.5, Psychoa. Treatment – Affects and Selfobjects


Session 6: February 17, 2018: Relational Psychoanalysis
Instructor: Laurence Green PhD

*Mitchell, S. (2004). My Psychoanalytic Journey, Psy. Inquiry, 24:531-541. (PDF)

Mitchell, S.  Penelope’s Loom. (PDF)


Session 7: March17, 2018: Comparing Relational Theory with Intersubjective Systems Theory
Instructor: Estelle Shane

Stolorow, R.  Psychoanalytic Treatment, Chapter 3 (PDF)

Aron, L.,  Patient’s experience of the Analyst’s Subjectivity (PDF)


Session 8: April 21, 2018: Mentalization   Instructor:


Fonagy, P. – Epistemic Trust and Boderline Personality Disorder



Session 9: May 19, 2018: : Complexity Theory
Instructor:  Margy Sperry, PsyD

Sperry, M. (2016) From theory to clinical practice… (PDF)

Session 10: June 16, 2018: The Contribution of Infant Research on Psychoanalytic Thinking
Instructor: Helen Ziskind, Psy.D., MSW

Morgan: The Application of Infant Research to Psychoanalytic Theory and Therapy  (PDF)
Worrall: I Can Because You Can: The Intersubjective Nature of Self Agency  (PDF)


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