The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) values providing the best quality of continuing education to its participants to enhance learning contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 


ICP calls individual programs that offer continuing education credit “conferences”. ICP calls programs that offer a series of classes (Psychoanalytic Training Program, Foundations Program, Saturday Series Program) “programs”.



Attendees registered for public conferences must be present for the entire conference in order to obtain continuing education credit.  Registrants more than 10 minutes late, not returning from breaks or lunch on time, or leaving 10 minutes before the end of the conference will not be awarded Continuing Education credits. The CE certificate is not available prior to the end of the conference. 

Remote On-line Conferences:

For remote-on-line conferences, attendance is monitored and recorded using the ICP Zoom account which provides a record of attendance. 

Live In-person Conferences: For live in-person conferences, a three-part NCR sign in form is given to each attendee. The forms are signed by authorized personnel at the beginning and end of the conference. The authorized signature makes them valid for continuing education credit.  There is a member of the administrative staff present in the audience at each conference to ascertain attendance. During the entire live, in-person conference, two ICP staffers sit at the registration table.  If an attendee leaves early, they do not receive credit for attending.

The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Continuing Education Administrator, or their designee, will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis when considering full attendance and awarding the credit.


The following instructions are attached to continuing education promotional materials, or ICP contact information is provided to obtain the outlines of this policy by emailing This policy is also printed on every conference agenda and states:


Due to accreditation guidelines, continuing education credit will not be awarded to participants who leave early. Continuing Education certificates will be provided within 4 weeks of the date of the conference. Continuing Education certificates will not be provided after 30 days following the conference.



Continuing Education programs (Foundations Program/Saturday Series)

Each class in these programs are independent of all other classes within the Foundations Program and Saturday Series. Therefore, CE credits will be provided for full attendance of each individual class. Registered participants must attend the full duration of the class. Participants arriving more than 10 minutes late or leaving more than 10 minutes early will not earn CE credits. 


Four-year academic program

Enrollees are required to attend 70% of 32-unit course offering, unless the program is a one-day extension program. At the latter, enrollees are required to attend the entire course to receive continuing education credit. 


Each candidate and/or student signs in at the beginning of each academic class and must remain in class for the duration. Attendance forms have time in and time out documented by the instructor.  If a student leaves early, the instructor makes a note on the attendance file and the candidate/student does not receive full credit for that particular class. 


For remote-on-line classes, attendance is monitored and recorded using the ICP Zoom account which provides a record of attendance with in-time and out-time. At the end of class, students only receive continuing education credit for the actual hours they attended class.  Instructors inform students that they will not be awarded credit for the course unless they attend the minimum number of classes. 


Not all classes in the Psychoanalytic Training Program will provide continuing education units, and candidates/students will be informed at the beginning of each class if it will provide continuing education units.

November 26th 2021