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Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis

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Contact information for ICP administration can be found HERE.

Contact information for any of our ICP Committees can be found HERE.


To send payment or other correspondence please mail to:

Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis

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Any ICP member, ICP candidate or member of the public who has an ethical concern about an ICP member or candidate, and wishes to make a confidential complaint to the ICP Ethics Committee can do so by sending an email to

The Ethics Committee serves as a central body dedicated to integrating ethical principles into institute life through educational, professional and institutional activities. Any member of the ICP community can approach the committee or its individual members to discuss an area of ethical concern or interest. Ethical complaints from the general public are directed to both the Ethics Committee and the ICP Board. Such complaints may include, but need not be limited to, dishonesty, discrimination or boundary violations. (These and other areas of ethical misconduct will be defined below.) The committee listens to allegations and offers consultation; it has no disciplinary power, nor does it act as a judicial body. At times, the committee will refer a complainant to the appropriate licensing board or state agency. The Ethics Committee encourages discussion of ethical issues and questions with members, candidates and the institute at large.

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