CE/CME Paperwork for Events

For all courses (4 year & non-4 year) and events requesting CE/CME’s. Please fill out the required forms and submit them thirty (30) days in advance of your event, class or program to icpcme@gmail.com

These forms are required by the accrediting agency if you want to offer CE/CME’s. 

Event presenters must complete the following forms: 

Please download and complete the 3 forms below required for CE/CME’s.  These forms need to be submitted to: icpcme@gmail.com Thirty (30) days prior to the date of your scheduled event.

1.) APA-Blank-Form-Requirement-for-Awarding-CE-Credits*

2.) Paid-Presenter-Agreement

3.) Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Form

4.) Please also submit your CV to the office.

Pro-Bono Speaker Agreement

  1. Pro-Bono Speaker Agreement

If you have any questions, please contact CME Committee Member, Debra Myers at Debra.myers@gmail.com

* Please note:  If you would like a reference on how to complete the APA form, please download the Sample APA Form.   

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