Candidate Responsibilities

From the choice of supervision, graduation paper/project and through to degree completion, candidates must recognize they carry the primary responsibility for their progress and ultimate success. The responsibilities assigned to Advisors and the Candidate Progression Committee (CPC) only provides the framework to assist candidates in accomplishing matriculation. Candidates are encouraged to make the effort to keep the lines of communication open and to take full advantage of the knowledge that their Advisor and the CPC have to offer.


  • Read and follow the policies in the ICP Candidate Progression Manual
  • Newly matriculating candidates – After you receive an admission letter, you will be informed of the name of your Advisor. Immediate contact with your Advisor is essential prior to matriculation to determine if any waiver requests are appropriate (see Manual).
  • A full-time Candidate cannot matriculate unless participating in a minimum of 4x weekly analysis with an ICP approved training analyst. Part-time candidates are required to be in 2x weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
  • Adhere to deadlines related to tuition payments. Tuition will be billed on an annual basis. You will receive an initial invoice in September showing the entire amount due for the current academic year. On this invoice, your tuition will be broken down by due dates.
  • Adhere to deadline regarding a completed W-9 Form. A W-9 Form is a document required by the IRS for certain taxation purposes. A completed form is required from the candidate every year of enrollment.
  • Maintain an up-to-date file containing copies of the following:
    • Class Progression Forms
    • Case Write-ups (due March 1st and September 1st)
    • Supervisor Reports (due April 15th and October 15th)
    • Annual Advisors Reports
    • Certification of Analytic Hours form
    • Correspondence/other material pertinent to your education process
    • Annual Reporting Requirements:
      • Meet with Advisor on an annual basis to enable your advisor to prepare an Advisor Report that comments on all aspects of your education process including coursework, casework and observations of your experiences at ICP.
      • Maintain a Certification of Analytic Hours form which will be provided on an annual basis from the administrative office. Have the form signed by your training analyst and forward the original to your advisor prior to the completion of the annual Advisor Report (July).
  • Attend a minimum of 70% of all classes in which you enroll.
  • Adhere to the following policies with regard to control cases:
    • Notify the ICP administrative office when a control case begins. Include the following information: Control case number, name of supervisor, start date of case, gender of patient and number of times per week patient is will be seen.
    • Submit initial case write-up within six weeks of beginning a control case.
    • Submit bi-annual case write-ups each March 1st and September 1st to ICP administrative office with a copy to Supervisor. Include the following information on the front page of each case write-up: Control case number, name of supervisor, names of advisor, date of report and time-period covered by report.
    • Notify ICP administrative office when case terminates.
  • Actively participate in the class selection process
  • Graduation paper / project

Adhere to deadlines for submission outlined in the manual, titled “Guidelines for the Graduation Psy.D. Paper or Graduation Psy.D. Project”. Only the candidates who meet the September and January deadlines (as outlined in the manual) will be allowed to participate in the following June graduation ceremony.

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