Robin S. Cohen, Ph.D.

ROBIN COHEN, Ph.D California Psychology license #PSY8761

921 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 232
Los Angeles, CA  90024
310) 571-5315 


I am a clinical psychologist, a psychoanalyst and a hypnotherapist. I am also currently the President of the ICP Board of Directors.  I am devoted to growing, learning and developing throughout life. I work collaboratively and synthesize the ideas of contemporary relational psychoanalysis, attachment, interpersonal neurobiology, and mindfulness in order to process experience and develop new and more joyful patterns of life and relationships.





Relationship difficulties

Physical illness (such as cancer) and health habits (such as sleep disorder, smoking cessation)

Couples work, adolescent treatment, as well as working with adults


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, UCLA Department of Psychology, 1984

Internship at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute with a specialty in health psychology


Cohen, R.S.  Art and Photography in Psychological Transformation.  Presented at  The International Forum of Psychoanalytic Education (IFPE).  Portland, Oregon, November 2012.

Cohen, R. S. Photography as an Artistic Route to Psychological Transformation.  Presented at the American Psychological Association, Division, 39 conference.  Santa Fe, New Mexico, April, 2012.

Cohen, R. S. Discussions. Countertransference. Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis conference, October, 2003

Cohen, R. S. Dyadic process states: the analyst’s use of emotion and body in the psychoanalytic process. ICP Graduation Paper, 1998.

Cohen, R. S. Discussion of “Clinical applications of Daniel Stern’s work in the development of subjective experiencing”, by S. Berger. NationalCouncil of Self-Psychology, 21st Annual Conference. San Francisco, October, 1998.

Cohen, R. S. To tell or not to tell… Presented at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Boundary Dilemmas Conference, Fall, 1994.

Cohen, R. S. Case presentation. Presented at the National Council of Self-Psychology, 18th Annual Conference. San Francisco, October, 1995

Cohen, R. S. Using Hypnosis and Guided Imagery with Cancer Patients. Presented at the Los Angeles County Psychological Association.
October 24, 1992.

Cohen, R. S. Walking a Thin Line: Controversies in Using Hypnosis and Guided Imagery with Cancer Patients. Presented at the SouthernCalifornia Society for Clinical Hypnosis, March, 1989.


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