Connie Lillas, Ph.D., MFT, RN


Voice mail: 626-577-9332

Director, Interdisciplinary Training Institute
National Graduate Zero to Three Fellow
Co-author, The NRF

Dr. Connie Lillas is a National Graduate Zero to Three Leadership Fellow and an infant mental health and early intervention specialist with a background in maternal-child nursing, family systems, and developmental psychoanalysis.

Dr. Lillas is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Training Institute, whose curriculum regarding high-risk pre-birth to five-years-olds in the foster care system is employed to train service providers across disciplines in Los Angeles County, through collaborative training efforts from the Department of Child and Protective Services, the Department of Mental Health, and Regional Centers. She currently co-chairs the Foster Youth Mental Health Initiative Capacity Building Policy Workgroup at the Children’s Law Center, which houses 90% of all attorneys representing infants and children in the foster care system. She also functions as a Court Team Liaison for a 0-3 court team pilot that is being organized in Service Planning Area 6 (South Los Angeles).

With a long-established private clinical practice, Dr. Lillas services both ends of the age spectrum—from birth to five-year-olds and latency-aged children, to adults. She has co-authored a book with Dr. Janiece Turnbull that was released in 2009, Infant Mental Health, Early Intervention, & Relationship- Based Therapies: A Neurorelational Framework for Interdisciplinary Practice, as part of the W.W. Norton series on “interpersonal neurobiology.”

Infant/Child Mental Health
Early Intervention
Relationship-Based Approaches to adult treatment

BS, Registered Nurse
MA, Marriage, Family, Child Therapist
PhD, Psychoanalysis


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Lillas, C. and Turnbull, J. (2009). Infant/Child Mental Health, Early Intervention, and Relationship-Based Therapies: A Neurorelational Framework for Interdisciplinary Practice. New York: W. W. Norton. This book is part of the Interpersonal Neurobiology Series wherein Dan Siegel, MD is the original Series Editor, Allan Schore, PhD, is the current Series Editor.

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