Extension Advanced Program: Readings 2017-18

Extension -ADVANCED


October 21, 2017

Cheryl Goldstein, Ph.D. – Freud

“Loving the Neighbor-Thing: Freud with Rosenzweig” by Eric Santner (PDF)

Chapter 5 of Civilization and Its Discontents and A Difficulty in the Path of Psychoanalysis, available in volume 17 of the SE on PEP Web.


November 18, 2017

Robin Cohen, Ph.D. – Object Relations

Slochower, J: Holding and the Fate of the Analyst’s Subjectivity (PDF)

WinnicottD. Metapsychological and Clinical Aspects (pp. 16-26) (PDF)

Guntrip H. VII Resistance Schizoid Phenomena Object Relations and the self (PDF)

December 16, 2017

Dr. Jeff Trop, MD


January 20, 2018

Sanford Shapiro, MD


February 17, 2018

Lynne Jacobs, Ph.D.






May 19, 2017

Michael Pariser, Psy.D.- Heaven and Hell: Understanding depression and how to work with it




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